REASeuro supports its Clients on all explosives topics by providing advice, education, training, quality assurance, certification, EOD-management and the detection, clearance and or disposal of conventional* and improvised explosives**. Read more Read less

In The Netherlands REASeuro is the only company fully specialized and focused on all explosives topics. REASeuro is a truly independent company, active on the international market and - as a civil company - always able to provide the right specialist solutions. The detection, clearance and or disposal of explosives is our core business. We proudly call ourselves: Explosives Experts!

"In 1998 it all started with my dream and conviction; To handle - together with all stakeholders - all issues involving explosives in a safe, professional and efficient manner.
In my desire for an integral approach in handling all explosives topics, I was a pioneer in The Netherlands. Not only for commercial reasons, but also for safeguarding social interest. I realized there was a gap in this particular market that required an urgent solution. For me this was the incentive for starting the first civilian company solely specialising in the clearance and disposal of explosives in The Netherlands: REASeuro.

Focus lies on comforting our Clients

We now work with a team of specialists, which makes me proud. Through our knowledge and experience we offer all stakeholders the highest possible degree of safety. Our main focus: Comforting our Clients.

Every Client, every situation is different; our personal approach assures that the Client’s expectations are managed in a professional and safe manner. The love for our profession, the pleasure in our work, the extensive specialist skills and knowledge makes REASeuro a reliable and professional advisor, educator and operator in the world of detection, clearance and disposal of explosives." - Founder / Managing director Ad van Riel


* Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)
UXO may cause problems during intrusive ground operations.

** Improvised Explosive Device (IED)
Personnel or organisations may feel threatened by terrorists or criminals. In many cases their cause is the threat and can result in the use of Improvised Explosive Devices.

Education & Training

Regarding to all explosives topics REASeuro offers the most comprehensive set of education and training in The Netherlands. This applies both for education and training on conventional explosives and improvised explosive devices. Read more »

Opleidingen | REASeuro

REASeuro Competence Centre is truly unique in The Netherlands. Next to the EOD department of The Netherlands Defence Forces our RCC is the civilian institute accredited according to the Dutch legislation for the detection and clearance of UXO*.

Upon successful completion of the exams RCC is able to provide candidates with certificates for:

  • Basic UXO awareness level
  • Assistant UXO expert level
  • UXO expert level
  • Senior UXO expert level

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Projects | REASeuro

Open House 2013

Successfull open house event REASeuro, September 2013 Read more »