Services Five phases policy in UXO investigation

REASeuro has developed a comprehensive approach with regards to the process of explosives clearance and disposal. This specific concept consists of five separate phases forming the complete process of explosives clearance and disposal. Through this project management system our clients acquire a total overview, insight, control and transparency in the explosives clearance and disposal process.
Important factors of this concept are the communication with our client and the education of the client’s personnel designated to be involved in the execution of the project. REASeuro has its own education and training centre facilitating an optimal preparation for the client’s personnel in order to fulfil their tasks assigned to them in any type of project related to unexploded ordnance (UXO). REASeuro Competence Centre can provide recognised certificates for all levels related to UXO-clearance in The Netherlands.

Phase 1, Historical Research | REASeuro Phase 2, Project Risk Assessment | REASeuro Phase 3, Project Management Plan | REASeuro Phase 4, Execution | REASeuro Phase 5, Clearance certificate and final report | REASeuro