Services UXO clearance operations

REASeuro does not only provide Advice and Education to public bodies or civilian companies. A safe and professional execution of UXO risk mitigation (detection, clearance and disposal of UXO) on site can also be provided.
REASeuro staff has a broad experience in detection, clearance and disposal of UXO both onshore and within marine environments. REASeuro deploys the most advanced state of the art technology for detection, interpretation, clearance and removal of UXO on site. Both nationally and internationally we are seen as leading edge and highly appreciated when it comes to organizing integral, pragmatic and above all safe solutions for all explosives topics.

REASeuro can support you with all services related to the clearance of Explosives, this includes conventional explosives and ammunition (explosives used for military and civilian purposes) as well as improvised explosive devices (IED’s). Furthermore REASeuro can provide services for the safe removal and disposal of components carrying explosive materials such as - but not limited to - squibs used in the aviation industry, etc.

Prevention is better than cure
It is advisable to have a clear understanding and awareness of the situation regarding Explosives matters well in advance of the execution phase of your project. High quality consultancy and comprehensive reports exclude the risks of operational time delay and unforeseen costs effects. Even more reason to step through all necessary phases of the UXO mitigation process...

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