Services UXO clearance operations / UXO risk mitigation

Detection and Clearance of UXO

Uitvoering | REASeuro After approval of the Project Management Plan the actual work in the field – detection, clearance and disposal – can be executed and coordinated. This Project Management Plan is an essential element in the process of reaching the desired results of the project in an efficient and effective way.

  • Uitvoering | REASeuro UXO Survey
    Almost every execution phase of a project starts with a UXO Survey. The objective for the UXO Survey is to determine the presence of possible UXO through detection followed by interpretation of the raw detection data.

  • Clearance
    Clearance of the significant objects enables us to determine the exact location and depth of these objects. By means of layered excavation – manually or with armoured excavator – the object is uncovered and identified.
  • Identification
    During the identification process it is determined whether the suspected object is an UXO or not and if so, what type and in what condition (armed or safe) the UXO has been found.
  • Handling and safe storage of UXO
    After clearance and full identification the explosive risks are assessed and - if possible – the UXO is removed from its original location to a safe area. This safe area might be an isolated secured location, underwater storage facility or a container specially designed for the purpose of temporary storage. The UXO will stay in this safe area until the final disposal of the UXO is organized and executed.

Uitvoering | REASeuro Specific expertise

  • Real time borehole detection;
  • (Sub)seabed UXO survey;
  • Computer assisted surface UXO detection (ferrous and non-ferrous);
  • Multi sensor GPS-supported surface UXO detection;
  • UXO clearance dive capabilities;
  • UXO Superintendents, UXO Supervisors, UXO Banksmen, UXO Operators;
  • Remediation by sieving the soil contaminated with UXO;
  • Safe handling and disposal or recycling of UXO;
  • Disposal of explosives components.

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