Services UXO clearance operations / Improvised Explosive Devices

IED search operations
One of the REASeuro services relate to (preventive) IED search operations at high profile/high threat situations (e.g.: visits by VIP’s or large events with a substantial amount of visitors). For these operations highly qualified and trained REASeuro personnel together with certified explosives detection dogs are deployed. REASeuro is also able to provide assistance after a bomb warning has been issued or when a suspected object has been found.

REASeuro is on a 24/7 basis standby alert to provide advice on and handling of all UXO/IED related incidents.

REASeuro has integrated the expertise of explosives clearance, IED reconnaissance and explosives detection dogs thus creating a quick, accurate safe and effective solution for the IED threat. The full integration of our expertise and operating as a team is truly unique in the international market.

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