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Advies | REASeuro Good quality advice will save you time and money. This is REASeuro’s motivation for offering consultancy in all possible issues related to explosives. Our advice goes along with an honest and realistic cost estimation for the possible follow-up steps for your project. That is why our advice is always practical and clear.

REASeuro adviseert en ondersteunt grotendeels binnen zes gebieden.


  • Historical Research
    Our Advice Department has extensive experience in conducting historical research. The department gathers data, assesses and evaluates factual source information in order to obtain an overview on the historical (military) situation in your future project. Objective of the historical research is to determine if any Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) may still be present within your project site.
    The research performed by REASeuro historians and civil engineers conforms to the highest quality standards. The academic level of education of the staff working at our Advice Department mixed with consultancy from our own Senior Explosive Experts results in the compiling and production of a comprehensive report and detailed desktop survey, producing a highly reliable reflection on the UXO aspects in future projects areas.

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    Since the start of its operations REASeuro has built up and developed an extensive database containing factual information such as aerial photographs, literature, reports and charts, etc. This database is supported by our Geographical Information System (GIS4REAS).
  • Project Risk Assessment
    Advies | REASeuro If the historical research and desktop study produces evidence of possible presence of UXO within the project area, REASeuro will advise the client to have a Project Risk Assessment. Our clients are responsible for the safe execution of intrusive operations. It is our objective however to advice our clients on the mitigation of the risks produced by the presence of UXO, but also to give our clients an insight in the possible financial risks. This tailor made Project Risk Assessment allows our clients to execute a safe and well considered planning including the financial aspects of the project. Should UXO mitigation and protective measures deemed to be necessary, the Project Risk Assessment includes advice on the best working practice to deal with this situation. Also advice is given on the operational timeline and the estimated budgets for the execution phase.
  • Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s)
    The World is changing rapidly. A criminal or terrorist threat possibly incorporating the use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) can be a realistic threat to companies and organisations.

    When these criminal or terrorist threats occur the safety of humans is paramount...

    REASeuro can provide you with advice and support on the following topics:
    • assessment and mapping locations and/or processes within your organisation sensitive for attacks;
    • optimisation of operational handbooks, standard procedures, emergency response, rescue plans and crisis management;
    • support in security activities;
    • advice on preventive measures;
    • support in forensic activities.
  • Project management
    Advies | REASeuro Are you in need of UXO or IED clearance capacity and/or knowledge on UXO or IED for the execution of your project? On demand REASeuro can support you with project managers, supervisors or train your staff. Our staff have been part of a group of consultants for high profile projects for multiple clients and are a team of highly trained experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience within a highly specialized profession. Every project is different. It is for this reason that our services are always tailor made to the requirements of our clients.

    In addition to these services REASeuro can advise you on projects involving explosives issues in the civilian industry such as: safe handling & storage, warehousing, transport and final disposal/recycling, etc.
  • Tenders
    REASeuro staff has specialist knowledge and broad experience to support you in tendering procedures.

If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact:
Marco Taks – Head of Advice