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Regarding to all explosives topics REASeuro offers the most comprehensive set of education and training in The Netherlands. This applies both for education and training on conventional explosives and improvised explosive devices.

Conventional explosives
Education and training on conventional explosives (explosives used for military and civilian purposes) are provided to own personnel, clients and other companies involved in the branch. The courses are prepared and given by our experts and well experienced instructors. All courses are tailored to the level of qualification and expertise of the students.

Basis opleiding REASeuro

    Courses related to conventional explosivesn

  • Basic UXO awareness level
  • Assistant UXO expert level
  • UXO expert level
  • Senior UXO expert level
  • Ammunition Awareness

Improvised Explosive Devices
Education and training on improvised explosives are given to security personnel, management and companies with an international focus. In addition to these clients the personnel from fire brigades, ambulance services and police departments are being trained on a regular bases. The objectives for these training courses (theoretical and practical) are to prepare the students in a safe, effective and efficient handling of bomb threats or dealing with actual improvised explosive devices.

Mine awareness

    Courses related to Improvised Explosive Devices

  • IED Search operator
  • IED Bomb scout
  • IED Team leader
  • Training days for IED Bomb scouts
  • Crisis management IED-incidents
  • Training on bomb threats and handling of suspect mail
  • Training for explosives detection dog handlers

REASeuro Education & Training Centre
REASeuro owns and operates a professional education & training centre. Multiple classrooms and a large outdoor terrain for practical exercises and scenario’s make this facility an optimal situation for achieving the highest standards of education & training. Next to practical exercises the outdoor terrain is most valuable to validate new technologies of detection. A large variety of objects buried in the ground at various depths support the practical exercises and validations. REASeuro provides comfortable lodging for students who wish to stay overnight.

Tailor made courses, workshops and presentations
Besides the more regular courses REASeuro is able to provide courses specifically tailored to the needs of our clients. These courses can be given at the REASeuro education & training centre, but in company or onsite training at the project location is also possible. Workshops and presentations can be given to raise the level of explosives awareness. Participants are instructed to handle explosive threats in a safe, responsible and efficient manner.

If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact:
Kim Beke – Head of Education

Quotes from students:

“ Very interesting course! ”
“ During the course there was a good and relaxed atmosphere ”
“ Very clear course with a focus on scenario training ”
“ Most interesting scenario’s ”
“ This course meets the requirements for doing my job properly ”
“ Excellent education & training centre ”
“ A lot of stuff to read, but very useful! ”