Services Phases / Execution of UXO risk mitigation

Fase 4, Uitvoering | REASeuro REASeuro provides UXO risk mitigation services both onshore and offshore. Services are provided in (but not limited to) the fields of:

  • Advice in UXO risk management to policymakers of companies related to Oil & Gas, (offshore) Windfarm construction, salvage and dredging operations, etc.;
  • Independent 3rd party consultancy for signing off UXO clearance certificates;
  • Real time borehole detection using a state of the art magnetometer probe system designed and developed by REASeuro;
  • Computer assisted surface detection with multi sensor systems (magnetometers);
  • (Sub)seabed survey using a combination of techniques such as Side Scan Sonar, Multi Beam Echo Sounder, Caesium Vapour magnetometer and metal detectors;
  • UXO clearance and disposal;
  • Controlled dredging operations.

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