Services Phases / Historical Research

Phase 1, Historical Research | REASeuro Our Advice Department has extensive experience in conducting historical research. The department gathers data, assesses and evaluates factual source information in order to obtain an overview on the historical (military) situation in your future project. Objective of the historical research is to determine if any Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) may still be present within your project site.
The research performed by REASeuro historians and civil engineers conforms to the highest quality standards. The academic level of education of the staff working at our Advice Department mixed with consultancy from our own Senior Explosive Experts results in the compiling and production of a comprehensive report and detailed desktop survey, producing a high reliable reflection on the UXO aspects in future projects areas.

Since the start of its operations REASeuro has built up and developed an extensive database containing factual information such as aerial photographs, literature, reports and charts, etc. This database is supported by our Geographical Information System (GIS4REAS).

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