Safety, Health, Environment & Quality

REASeuro has its own department specialized in Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (SHE&Q).

Safety & Health

Safety is our “core business” and that is not only because explosives are involved in our scope of work… it is in our blood!
There is no difference between fieldwork, the working environment or being on the road; safety is not only our end product but a focal point throughout.

In relation to safety, the health for our personnel and all other persons involved in our projects, is paramount.

REASeuro and HFS-CT conforms to all standards and regulations and are certified according to WSCS-OCE part A and B and VCA ** (2008/5).


Attention for the environment plays an important role in our society. On this matter REASeuro as well shows responsibility and positively contributes to a clean environment.


Quality is an essential element of dealing with explosives. REASeuro guarantees quality in all aspects of the services provided to our clients starting upon first contact with our client till the end of and passed the contractual relation. REASeuro conforms to all standards and regulations and is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standards.

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Safety, Health, Environment & Quality